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Q: What is a Search Engine?
A: A Search Engine is nothing more than software used to archive websites in a system based on relevancy.
Q: Can anyone really guarantee placement or position in Search Engines?
A: No, but based on statistics (past success) one can make a service guarantee that their site will have prominent placement as a result of particular keyword arrangement.
Q: Do I still need to pay for Web Hosting?
A: Yes, unless you own a dedicated server with the capability of hosting your own site.
Q: What hosting company do you recommend?
A: We supply our own web hosting for our sites.
Q: How much is Web Hosting?
A: As low as $10/mo and that includes the Domain name registration (normally an additional charge)
Q: How often do Search Engines update changes?
A: Once we make changes to your site they will be visible immediately. However, if we have changed the keywords for your site or if we are publishing a new site for you it may take up to 2 months for the changes to propagate.    
Q: What are keywords and why are they important?
A: Keywords are simply the words used to describe your services. For example, if you are a Realtor in Knoxville, Tn, you might want to choose the following keywords: Realtor, Knoxville, Tn, Tennessee, Real Estate Agent, Homes, etc... Keywords are what tell the Search Engines what your site is about! Without them, you will never rank high enough for your prospects to find you!
Q: Who decides what keywords are used?
A: We will help you decide by asking you specific questions about your type of business. The most common way to decide on a set of keywords is to ask yourself what people might type in on a search engine to find your services!
Q: Where do these keywords go?
A: The keywords are placed in several locations throughout your web site. Inside the content on your pages, in Meta Tags (hidden in the structure or code used to design your site), in your Title (which shows up first in the search engine lists), and in some cases inside your Domain Name (
Q: What is a Webmaster and are you one?
A: A Webmaster simply maintains your web site by making periodical changes and repairing any script or hosting errors that may occur. Yes!
Q: Why are links to my web site important?
A: Search Engines have a reputation at stake just as you do! If they place your site at the top of their lists, it's because they believe your site not only contains relevant content to what was searched for, but also because you have several other people linking to you. This creates credibility!
Q: What is an IDX link?
A: If you are a Realtor and you belong to the local Board Of Realtors and MLS, the IDX is a search engine for real estate property which is included in your annual dues. Online visitors, however, cannot locate the IDX in major search engines because it lacks the keywords (discussed in previous FAQ's). An IDX link is an external link from your web site to the IDX allowing visitors who found your web site in search engines to now have access to the MLS database.
Q: Does that mean I am advertising for other Realtors?
A: Absolutely not! The IDX, if set-up properly, will display all the properties that match their criteria and will have you as the contact person at the bottom of each listing!
Q: Can I have community links on my site?
A: Yes, as part of our services we will include a community page with links to school information, weather, demographics, chambers of commerce, etc...
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