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At Graphix, we understand how important a web site can be to the success of your business.
As a business, you need a web presence that will project the right image for your business
and generate sales from both new and current customers.
Our mission is to partner with
Knoxville Businesses to make this happen!


Our work truly does speak for itself! We have over 14 years of design and web related
marketing experience to offer our clients. In addition to our time in the business, we enjoy
an impeccable reputation built on
trust and respect! With over 200 web design clients in the
Knoxville area, we continue to astound our competitors with high quality CUSTOM designs
at template prices...and clients that continue to refer friends and business associates
because of our un-paralleled service and our determination to help them succeed!


The importance of good web design can never be underestimated. And this importance of web design is amplified
multiple times when it comes to small business web design. Before we go ahead, let's ponder over what design is and
why it is so important. Design is a basic scheme or pattern that affects and controls function or development, and herein
lies its importance. In simple, it's a manifestation of
usability and appearance. If one can achieve a perfect balance
between usability and appearance, one achieves the perfect web design. The web design is important because it defines
the user experience. When everything depends on how a product is perceived and used, the design of that product
becomes the most crucial aspect after functionality.


A well-crafted web design will influence the user's initial perception of the website's value and encourage them to explore
the website further. A good web design facilitates whatever the website is intended to achieve. It's imperative that your
website design addresses the needs of your customers both in terms of usability and accessibility, and information that
helps decision-making. The impression that your design makes on a visitor's mind defines his or her actions on your
website. A good web design doesn't just mean having an attractive layout! It also means the following:

* The navigation is user-friendly
* The information is relevant and well-structured
* The shopping cart is fully secure
* There are no needless distractions
* All the pages load fast
* All the pages are search engine friendly
* The interface is pleasing and intuitive
* Your visitors can easily contact you

Always remember that the importance of web design lies in its ability to boost your business, not create hurdles.


It is a well-known cliché, but first impression IS the last impression when it comes to your website design. Give your
visitors a bad design and rest assured they'll not come back. It's apparent that no importance is given to good web design

* The website doesn't have a clearly defined navigation scheme
* The important pages are not easily visible or accessible
* The layout is not consistent
* The website is full of needlessly heavy images and animations and it takes ages to load the pages
* There is no contact information available on your website

When you don't give importance to your website design, it sends a strong message to your visitors that you are not
serious about your business and you should not be trusted with their money.

Things to consider when designing your web site!

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knoxville web design
Knoxville Web Design
Web site services include: Knoxville Web site design, Knoxville web site maintenance, Knoxville web site hosting, Knoxville web site SEO, Knoxville web site marketing, Knoxville web site forms. Knoxville TN
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