Small Business Web Design
Things to consider before designing your company web site!   

» Choosing a good marketer as well as designer to build your site...
There is no doubt that if you want to promote your business online (and who doesn’t?) you need a professional
marketer! In today’s market there is too much competition, which means too much profit at stake to hire just anyone to
build your site. Your website is a gateway to the services or products you offer your customers. First impressions are
important especially in business. If your visitors don’t like what they see on your web site then chances are good they
won’t contact you.

» Choosing relevant and interesting content...
Important to the consumer as well as search engine ranking is the content you place on your web site. Of course, the
large majority of viewers on your site will be there for one reason…
TO FIND INFORMATION! Make sure their
questions are answered.

» Choosing the right color scheme...
Most companies do not even consider the effect color has on a prospective customer or the ability certain colors have of
calming, or contrastingly, confusing the viewer. Research has shown that 6 out of the top ten most visited web sites have
the same color scheme…a shade of blue on a white background! Does this mean you should have those colors? No, but
choose carefully because the choice you make could very well determine your online success!
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